The first live-action detective game among Czech monuments made of Lego!

Explore! Track! Learn! Play! Have fun!

Just one dark evening and the Crown of St Wenceslas was gone. The villains were cunning, but they did leave behind clues. Will you be able to find them all and get the crown back?

The detective gear you receive at the start of the game will help you track down the thieves and find the crown. The set includes a map, UV flashlight, magnifying glass, set of cables and notebook with pencil to take notes. The gear will come in handy during the game even for the most advanced sleuths. Along the way, you will encounter various tasks to overcome, such as deciphering Morse code. At times a sharp mind will not be enough, and you will have to rely on your sharp eyes and keen sense of touch.

Najdi správnou stopu
Poznej významné události
Vylušti šifry
Kdo ukradl korunu?
Dojdeš až do cíle?
Historie hravě a zábavně

The main backdrop to the game are huge Lego models of Czech monuments. During your detective adventure, you will visit places such as Karlštejn during the reign of Charles IV, Saint Barbara’s Church under the grip of the Black Plague and the National Museum at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Each of the ten stations of the game also includes a scene made of Lego to give you a better idea of the period. Tracking the thieves will also be an adventure-filled trip through the history of the Czech Lands.


The detective game Grim's gang is included in the entry price.

The game is fun and educational and intended for 1-5 players aged 7-99.
The game was created under the auspices of the Municipality of Prague 1.

Operator of exhibition:

3M Developer a.s., Ratajova 1113/8, 148 00, Prague 4

ID: 27196585, VAT ID: CZ27196585

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