About the Exhibition

Did you know that there are 62 Lego bricks for every person on earth? Seriously! With such a huge number, it is possible to build anything: castles, chateaux, modern architecture, a huge Ferris wheel…. or even the whole world!

Visit Czech Repubrick on more than 900 sqm. Discover what life would be like in such a Lego country

The inquisitive Legolem will be your guide. You will discover Karlstejn Castle, the Jested television tower and St Vitus Cathedral. He will show you in the inside of Villa Tugendhat and take you for a ride on the biggest Lego roller coaster. And you will finally find out how a camera obscura works. Set off on a visit to the Lego land of Czech monuments and experience a slightly different world.

For the exhibition were used

tons of Lego bricks

Construction of all monuments took

hours in total

The highest monument at the exhibition is

meters tall


  • Czech Republic starts voting for president

  • Superheroes Seen in City Center

  • Man Loses Hands after Medical Treatment in Hospital

  • Keyholders Open Bohemian Crown Jewels

  • Zombie Apocalypse in City

  • Jested Tower Overpopulated with Hedgehogs




CZK 247

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CZK 290 at the door

Student, Child (up to 15), Senior (65+), Disabled

CZK 179

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CZK 210 at the door

Child up to 100 cm

free entry


Family 2+1

CZK 580

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Family 2+2

CZK 730

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Schools - pupil

CZK 130

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For every 15 students, an accompanying teacher may enter free of charge.