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Can you guess the answers to all the questions? 
You will find the right answersbelow, you can also check them out at the exhibition.

1.  A library by a world-renowned architect of Czech origin was supposed to be built in Prague, but it was never realized. You will find it at the Czech Repubrick exhibition. Do you know which controversial building it is?

2. Guess how many blocks make up the largest castle at the exhibition? Is it thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of cubes?

3.  At the exhibition, you can take a photo on a horse made of Lego bricks. Can you guess which movie scene you will be a part of?

4. We are looking for the name of a well-known functionalist building in Brno, it has been on the list of UNESCO monuments since 2001 and you can find it at the exhibition.

5. The Czech king and Roman emperor from the Luxembourg dynasty is one of the most important rulers of the High Middle Ages, and you can see his Lego statue at the exhibition.

6.  You will also find here a model of a well-known castle, located approx. 9 km from České Budějovice, it is considered one of the most beautiful in Bohemia. Do you know what lock it is?

7.  Do you know what a rock is? We don't use it when building giant castles and chateaux!

8.  At the exhibition you can come face to face with Emily, the animated character with blue hair and big eyes created by Tim Burton for his film. Do you know its name?

9. Have you ever seen a live Native American totem pole? We have one here, can you guess how tall it is?

10.  A precious crown has mysteriously disappeared from our safe, can you think of who could have stolen it?

1. Jan Kaplický National Library, nicknamed the Octopus or the Blob.

2. Karlštejn Castle, 300,000 cubes

3. The Brave Seven

4. Villa Tugendhat

5. Charles IV.

6.  Hluboka Castle

7.  adhesive

8. Tim Burton's Dead Bride

9. 340 cm

10.  We don't have an answer to this... come find out more at the exhibition! 

correct answers

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