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Emblem - it is more than a century old and has undergone many changes, however, it has always kept its basic structure.

sokol znak old.png

Flag - it has an aspect ratio of 2:3 (ratio of width to length) and is made up of three fields of white, red and blue, referring to the national colours of the Czech Republic, inside the blue field are the white letters of the SOKOL logo.

sokol vlajka.png

Costume - patriotic clothing that has its national and moral significance has been an important part for the Sokols from the beginning,  Josef Mánes, a prominent Czech painter, participated in the first designs.

sokol kroj.jpg

Greeting - the iconic "Nazdar!" is a purely Czech greeting, which began to be used during the fundraising for the construction of the National Theatre ("Na zdar Národnímu divadlu" - meaning "to the succes of the National Theatre"), it quite quickly turned into a common phrase and later became a single word and also one of the most used greetings. Sokols also address each other as "brother" and "sister".

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