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A world made of LEGO® bricks
in the dolní Vítkovice area

The exhibition is divided into 5 thematic parts (worlds). First two, the world of film and music, they will draw you right into the story. They will take you in the middle of famous movie scenes, in front of the stage of a rock concert and among famous heroes and sets.


The next two parts arededicated to architecture, where you will remember building styles and try to build their characteristic elements right on the spot using the pieces of the LEGO® Architecture kit. History will be just a step away modern world, where you will again see what the city of the future should look like. Take some dice and contribute to its form. Every help counts. 


The last part of the exhibition represents the energy around us, which will be represented by wind sources, the most famous Czech nuclear power plant and a model of a coal mine. It is inspired by the Anselm mine in Landek and was created especially for Ostrava. And as is the case with Czech Repubrick enthusiast models, there will be no shortage of moving parts here either.


Fun for everyone


The exhibition is not just about looking and viewing elaborate details. The place directly invites you to stop for a moment and start building too. Its focus is suitable for the whole family, including the smallest ones. You will also find a pool with LEGO® DUPLO blocks and other accompanying activities. 


Lego cartoon character with raised hand


220 CZK
A cartoon lego character with a lego cube on his stomach


120 CZK​
A cartoon lego brick with its back turned

Family 2+1

420 CZK
Cartoon lego blocks nested together

Family 2+2

590 CZK
Cartoon lego characters sitting on top of each other

Family 2+3

590 CZK


Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday

10 a.m - 6 p.m.


Lower area of VÍTKOVICE, z.s.

Vítkovice 3004, Vítkovice

Ostrava, 703 00

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