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Skupina dětí plnící úkoly v rámci programu pro školy lego výstavy Czech Repubrick

fun educational program for schools

LEGO® bricks no longer belongs only in the children's room. It was created as a toy for children, but its diversity is also gaining its place in the world of education and knowledge.

Visit Czech Repubrick and browse the most famous Czech castles and chateaux built from Lego cubes. Dust off the geographical map and remind yourself of important historical milestones. Our worksheets and printed guidebooks will help you.

You can also try our detective game. Turn into detectives for a while, searching for the stolen St. Wenceslas crown. On an adventurous journey of exploration, you'll learn a lot of interesting stories and spin your brain.

Would you like to book a visit or ask us something? Contact us using the form below.

Otevřený trezor vzstavující korunovační klenoty postavené z kostek lego

Detective escape game 

The detective game is designed for groups of 2-5 players. In teams, you follow the trail of the thieving gang Temny's partners and try to find the stolen St.Wenceslas crown. The detective kit you receive at the beginning of the game will help you do this. It contains a map, a mirror, a magnifying glass, a set of cables and notebooks with a pencil for notes.

Throughout the game you will encounter pitfalls in the form of various ciphers, Morse code and other tasks, in which you will need to engage a sharp mind, sharp eyes and touch.

Duration: 1.5 hours

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