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Máte doma lego, kterému už pár kostiček chybí nebo si s ním už nikdo nehraje? My ho od vás koupíme!

We buy out
used LEGO® ​ bricks

Do you have a LEGO®  sets at home, which is missing a few cubes or no one plays with it anymore? We will buy it from you! The procedure is simple. Bricks can be photographed, packed and delivered to the nearest branch of the Shipping Company.

Cartoon lego character pointing left

Purchase process

  1. First of all, take a photo of the lego and send it to us via the contact form, or via email, together with an estimate of how much the lego weighs.

  2. Within 3 days we will send you an estimate of the price for how much we will buy the lego from you. This depends on the weight of the bricks and their condition. the more the bricks are preserved, the higher the price. You will find the indicative purchase prices below on this page.

  3. If you agree with the price, you will pack the lego and bring it to the nearest branch of the Zasilkovna. There you just need to report the code, which we will send to you in advance and that's all you have to worry about. Thanks to the code you will have free shipping and the Shipment worker will know exactly where to send the package.

  4. The list of the branches of the Zasilkovna can be found HERE.

  5. When the package arrives to us, we will consider the lego and evaluate its condition. Within 5 days of receiving the shipment we will send you the final purchase price.

  6. Last thing we need to do is send us the number of the bank account to which we are supposed to send the lego money. You will have the money in your account within 10 days and you can buy whatever you want with it. Maybe a brand new Lego :)

sending a photo

You take a picture of the LEGO® bricks and send it to us so that we can estimate the condition and composition of the bricks.

price approval

Within 3 days, you will receive an estimate of the price for which we will buy bricks from you. 

free transport

You pack the bricks and bring it to the nearest branch of the Zasilkovna Company. We pay the shipping. 


You will receive the money from us to your bank account in a few days. 

purchase conditions

Lego cartoon character looking to the right

We only buy clean and original LEGO bricks in good condition. We do not accept damaged, broken or otherwise damaged bricks.


If unoriginal bricks are found or the lego is contaminated, we reserve the right to refuse the purchase. Failure to comply with the above-mentioned purchase conditions, rejected bricks and other toys is only returned at the seller's expense.


The minimum purchase quantity is 1 kg, but more is worth it. If you send us 2 kg or more, as a gift from us you will get one adult ticket to the LEGO exhibition Czech Repubrick for free.

Inquiry form

Simply upload a photo of your LEGO® bricks, estimate how much it weighs and leave us a contact. We will send you the price for which we will buy bricks from you within 3 days.

Upload a photo

Thank you for submitting!

Výkup kostek -formular

What do you get for it?

Classic LEGO bricks,

including LEGO Technic

and Minifigures


CZK / kg


CZK / kg

Mix of DUPLO bricks + classic bricks (unsorted)  


CZK / kg

DUPLO bricks

Tips and tricks

If the bricks are not clean, we recommend placing them in two pillow cases and washing them in the washing machine with a little detergent for the shortest program and low temperature.

You can recognize the original LEGO® bricks by the small LEGO® inscription on each brick.

Lego cartoon character with his back turned
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